Contemplative Photography
2018 Workshops

      Comments from past participants:

   "I have found my photographic voice." G.Y.

   "To improve your images this much in two and a half days is extraordinary." J.H.

   "It was an educational and "contemplative" weekend. Re-charging the batteries    and learning something new. Often one feels that one is 'there', yet that one more extra step 'in the moment' brings about additional inner revelations." S.M.

   "I came away with new learning and experience on how to "newly see" the world around me......a very thoughtful, soft tone for the workshop - one in which learning became interesting and fun - not intimidating." J.O.

   "This was a very 'energizing' workshop for the soul." K.S.

   "This workshop provided me personally with a wonderful opportunity to flex my creative muscle." R.M.

See participants' images here.

Contemplative Photography Level 1:
August 24 (Friday evening) 25 & 26, 2018,(Saturday & Sunday)

Contemplative Photography Level 2:
September 8 & 9, 2018


Arts Court, 2 Daly St., The Courtroom, Ottawa

Workshop details:
Contemplative Photography Level 1 workshop starts on Friday evening with an introductory talk on contemplative photography, an in-class exercise and a slide show.

The workshop will consist of in-class presentations, practical exercises in the immediate vicinity, and a review of selected photos from all participants.

Contemplative Photography Level 2 workshop will continue to explore the practice of seeing and further expands our awareness and mind practice.

Prerequisite: Contemplative Photography Level 1

Who the workshop is for:

This workshop is intended for photographers of all level of expertise. Beginner photographers will learn that they can express themselves without an extensive knowledge of photography, while advanced photographers will have an opportunity to take a fresh look at making images.

Workshop description:

The Contemplative Photography workshops are designed to teach us what it means to really see. The primary focus will be to combine the practice of seeing and the practice of mindfulness. This will allow us to create images that are more personal and more meaningful.

The emphasis of the workshop is on developing the ability to see and requires only basic knowledge of how to operate your camera. Technical and practical advice will be kept to a minimum but assistance will be provided to participants where needed, to ensure they can benefit fully from the workshop.


Participants may use either a digital point and shoot camera or a DSLR.

Level 1 - $225.00 + Tax
Level 2 - $225.00 + Tax
Level 1 & 2 - $400 + Tax (Discount of $50.00 when you register for both levels).
Paypal, Major Credit Cards, or Cheque

Maximum Number of Participants: 10 participants.

To register for the workshop: Select the date and the Pay Now button below. You may pay through PayPal or credit card. If you have questions regarding the workshop before you register, please email us at: or click
Workshop Levels

Cancellation Policy: If you cannot attend the workshop, you may send someone to attend in your place. If you wish to withdraw, you must notify us at least two weeks before the beginning of the workshop so that we may offer your space to individuals on our waiting list. If another participant registers, your fee minus $50 for administration costs will be reimbursed.

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